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Touch Me

As you touch my skin
You can feel a beat from my heart
Thoughts race through my mind
As through the window I see

Your face smiling at me
My soul you have
This you can see
As you whisper to me

My breath is filled
With the scent of you
You are my present and future
No thoughts of the past

In my mind
The thoughts won't leave
My life is not the same
Just better than before

My days are new
Thanks to you
I let you in
My soul is yours

You made my world
Like a window of your soul
So much beauty
For life I


My spirit is wild
Tame at time
You have taken my spirit
With you to keep

You have changed
My scene
Turned it around
With a smile on your face

I can see far now
No matter the season
With the breath I take
You will never fade away

Cherokee woman
Does not care about money
She has what she wants
Her country and family

.....But most of all her man.......

One Black Rose

One black rose was pushed under my door
Withered dark blood spilling within
A smile like a ghost
Was painted on the post

The darkness is around me
As the shadows dance to me
One black rose in my hand
With tiny beads of death

My veins are popping up
As ringing in my ears
I wring my hands
And cover my tracks

I am so worn and weary
Never knowing
What is coming next
The pain comes upon me

As my head spins
My body is on fire
My soul is not my own
Where can I go?

To lose this black rose
I am losing control
Fighting for my life
I don't know what to do

As I lay on the ground
Blood all around
My heart is flowing
As the last breath I take

Time And Tide

For all the world to see
Tide ans time play

It cannot be stopped
Just keep sharing and caring

The world will go on
No pause will it take

Could be sad or happy
Will not stop it

No help does it need
Flowing it will be

Keep on going
That is what you need

You won't fall
You will not stop

You will just be in a place
Right on the top

You may pay
For all to see

But the tide won't wait
Neither will time