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His defeat was bitter indeed
As he fell down...........
When she walked away
He thought she would stay

When he heard a shattered scream
She was like a melody in flesh and blood
She was his damsel in distress
She had a mysterious past with history

The sky looked like the canvas of an artist
By the touch of the morning dew
The lake was shivering
As doom was falling.............

The flowers were dancing
On the grave...........
When he looked at her the last time
As he said goodbye.........

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The town that turned to ice
With snow piled high
No where to go
Frozen to death...........

On a pond of ice
Eyes glazed over
Nothing more to see
The town of ice

People died of hunger
Sickness and pain
It was so cold
To carry on

The snow covered the town
The wind lost it's breeze
Flowers could not blood
Because of the snow

The town of ice
Now covered in snow
Lost it's hope
No more snow

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Dancing On The Edge

Damon I'm dancing on the edge
As I meet your shadow
Your love can turn dark
Like a midnight stroll..........

From my lips the words now flow
As you caress my soul..........
Touch my skin.............
Kiss my lips

Why are you in my head.........
Sometimes I feel like I am falling
Our time is running out........
As I hear the ticking on the wall

Your name is on my lips
You come to me on the wind
As we fly high in the sky
Just you and I

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The house is still and everyone is asleep
That is when I let myself weep.........

It feels so good,  to let go
And not put on a show

No need to smile no kids around
Who need to see me strong and sound

No friends to worry,  they want to hear
Because they care it is fine

Tears now can flow.............
The security I mourn that I used to know

I am gripped with fear............
With agony of despair...........

Hear my muffled cry.............
And dry my tears..................

I will not explain or beg
You will feel my pain

Make my burden light
Now Goodnight!

Surface Of Reality

Behind the surface of reality
Are the hands of fantasy
With illusions of time
That is stimulating my brain

As time does past.........
You are in my memories
Engraved in my heart
There you will stay

You may grasp my touch
With a clasp I do hold
Yet you've so are away
But really are you?

I feel your cool exterior
With admiration you hide
Every day I think of you
You are in disarray

As I hear your whisper
It makes me wonder
If you can answer with a smile
To all these things

I Have To Hold On

Something left unsaid........
The deepest part of the sea
I see a shadow.........
From the depths of a struggle

I cannot live but it is hard to die
Flames are burning my soul
From my lips the words now flow
My sweet sin brings a void

I ache to hear my lonely night
By your blood I am tainted
As a page unturned you slipped away
I just wander around

On my lips is your name
Just to many lies have been told
A bridge of heartache I feel
While I slip and fall

I have to hold on..........
Or I will wash away........
With the tide of times......
I am tired and weary

Run Through My Head

As you run through my head
My lips are used as a weapon
A shiver runs down my spine
You are wicked I see

Coming on I feel something huge
Smile at me you will
Silently I lay there
By an impact of you

As you caress me
In the water I sink
Poisoned by blood
With the game you are playing

My gun is lifted
As I walk away
The darkness I spread
What can I say?

There are many scars
As my body fades
My blood runs through
My grave


Pure Joy