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Hold Me In Your Hands

Hold me in your hands
Keep me from all harm
Teach me the way of life
Give me knowledge and wisdom

Hold me in your hands
Don't ever let me go
Watch over me
Give me sunshine

Carry my heart with you
Protect my soul
Give me joy and peace
Keep a place for me

Hold me in your hands
Make me strong
Give me the will
To carry on

Don't let me get weary
Or my feet get tired
Let me walk all the way
Carry all the load

Let me be there for someone today
Give a hug and smile
Say I love you
Give my all

In your hands
I am loved
Always protected
Never alone

Hold me in your hands
Show me the way
Don't let me get away
Never let me stray

All I See Is You

I remember us
The way we used to be
I'd hold you in my arms
Your smile so sweet to me

But now when I see you
You look right me
I feel so alone now
But when I close my eyes...........

........All I see is you............

The love we uses to share
Gone up in whirl winds
Will I ever love
Or ever live again..........

I am tired of crying
And I'm done trying
To remember all about you
But when I close my eyes

.........All I see is you.........

All the love I am sending
The memories I won't send
I know there must be an ending
To the story I will tell

I dream of only your love
And happiness in life
I try not to think of you
But when I close my eyes

..........All I see is you.........

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