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Told Me

Once you told me
I meant the world to you
More then a friend
That was a lie

It matters to me what happens
You wont be there
Bad times and good, I'll be alone
You dont care

Tell me the words
How I make you feel
Your sorry
But you dont know how

You have changed
From the start
You dont love me anymore
I'm not in your heart

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Run Through My Head

As you run through my head
My lips are used as a weapon
A shiver runs down my spine
You are wicked I see

Coming on I feel something huge
Smile at me you will
Silently I lay there
By an impact of you

As you caress me
In the water I sink
Poisoned by blood
With the game you are playing

My gun is lifted
As I walk away
The darkness I spread
What can I say?

There are many scars
As my body fades
My blood runs through
My grave