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Mama Likes To Play

On a cold winter's night
Mom comes out to play
Music up high
Mama swaying to the beat

She grabs dad
And around the floor they go
Dancing and laughing all the way

Mom gives dad a big hug
A slap on the rear
And a big smile on her face

Mom wants to play
But teases first
She aim's to please

In the bedroom
Clothes are everything
Mom is on her knees

With fire in her body
And passion to
You feel the desire building

With a whisper so low
She whispers to dad
I love you so

She put the twinkle in his eye
As he watche's her every move
She know's she's got the looks

With everything she has
She prances about
Dad's toes curl

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Someone Like You

Someone like You
Is what I want
I really need
To hold me tight

To love me
Only me
And be kind

I never had love
Don't know how it feels
Will you love me tonight
Show me how it feels

Let your fingers do the walking
Your tongue do the talking
Baby give me pleasure
Let me hear you whisper

Call my name
Scream it loud
While you love me hot
I will lift to you

Your my dream
My one desire
Wrap your legs around mine
Let me feel

Make me see stars
Get me hot and wet
Move me baby
Don't let me forget

Be my first thought
My first love
The last love
My one and only love

Someone like you
To have and hold
Just to cherish and treasure
Love me forever

Hi Darling

With you there is no pain
Hurt is not the game
You I enjoy
You're my sincere

My amazing person you are
You're my sweet
To entice me you do
Respect you give me

Oh my you are naughty
So much fun
The best to me you are
Hi darling............

You're my honey bee
My sweet love
The one and only
My sweet darling