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Have A Cup Of Coffee

I Will Come To You

I will come to you
Hug you tight
Kiss you all over
Make you feel so good

My tongue will tease you
Fingers will touch you
Body will warm you
Legs will be entwined with yours

My passion is for you
Your desire drives me wild
I will come to you
On Butterfly wings


The world would be beautiful
With so many things to do
Places to go............
Things to do...........

But people have messed it all up
With hate and crime
You are at risk at home
No matter where you are

People have lost their respect
Most forget to say
Thank you, You're welcome, and please
Talk back to elders

Parents leave kids alone
Then wonder why they get into trouble
They see mom sleeping around
Pop sharing his stick

Drugs are being used
To make them feel they are on top
Pants hanging down
Showing their rear

Cussing from their mouths
Cutting and drinking
Just to get in gangs
Guns being used

Kids need love and support
They need to be taught
If you want your kids to respect you
Give them respect as well

Parents no longer teach prayers
Take them to Church
Teach them about God
Just leave them alone

Pimps are on the streets
Young girls are paying the price
Porn all over messing with our kids
No one seems to care