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To Everyone on Google+

I am so sorry but please work with me and don't get mad at me. My comments are not going through. Some of them will and others won't. I don't know why. I have asked if anyone could tell me what to do. But no answers yet. I don't want to lose any of my friends. So please don't get upset. I will answer as soon as I can. All I am getting is There was a problem updating your comment. Please try again. I may have to be gone for a couple of days and try that and then come back and see if they will work. But I don't want to do that. Thank you all. Please understand. I love you all and don't want to hurt anyone.

A Butterfly

Watch the butterfly
Emerge and fly
The peace it brings
From within

So much color
For all to see
With a glow of love
In our eyes

With hearts that melt
Bridges to burn
As they fly
Through the sky

They are like the sun
Bright as can be
Blazing like fire
A butterfly

Nature gives us such joy
With butterflies a glow
With pink and yellow
Like a ribbon across the sky

Red with passion
And clouds of blue
A butterfly
Gives us pleasure

As it sits on a flower
Or flies in the air
On the ground of green
There sits a butterfly

In The Winter

In the winter
Where the stars glow
Your arms around me
In a blanket of snow

I feel secure
No doubt's do I have
Let's walk and talk
Have a kiss or two

As I close my eyes
I feel a chill
With snow all around
Yet the heat will come

As we lay on the ground
You will hear me moan
As I whisper to you
In the winter

The sound so loud
Hard and fast my breath will come
My passion is growing
On a blanket of snow

My secrets I will share
I have told no one
When I kiss your body
In the snow

I will bring you up
Fly high with you
Our love is not finished
I will kiss you again

A goodnight to you
As I hold you tight
You will be in my dream
In the winter


I thought I heard
A nightingale on my window pane
Singing softly to me
Then I knew it was the wind

Who blew for me
Fingers dancing on my skin
My cheek was wet
Where tears fell

Please join me
Wrap your wings
Around me

Give me peace
As I fall to sleep
Help me make it right
Not lose my dream tonight

Dancing Beams

The walls are caving in
Skies are turning black
No light to be seen
Just dancing on the wall

As you turn you begin to fall
You're not happy I can see
Dancing beams fall from the sky
It is time for the sun to rise

I feel the dew on my skin
As shadows start to fall
Your moving quickly
Then you glide

Dancing beams
With lights soft
Petals on the ground
I'll dance back to you

Lying Hands And Cheating Hearts

You are playing games with the devil
As your cheating hands and lying hearts
Seek to fulfill something inside
You that's missing

A conscience perhaps?
Instead of looking for someone
Else to take that spot
You should look at the hole

Where your soul should be
And decide how you can
Weave some moral fiber
Instead of lies

And as you begin this journey
With your partner of deceit
Please know that you will not
Have one moment of peace

Because if they did it
To their last love
They will do it to you
My love.............

Pictures For You

Pictures For You