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At night all alone
No path or light
Nothing I see
Just darkness

Wait until the break of dawn
For sleep to come on
A dark place I travel
With my knife beside me

The moon is behind me
Shadows fall
Dewdrops around
All over the ground

Creatures of the night
Prey upon the weak
With wolf howls
And a bleak shout

"Copyright 2015 angel plant all rights reserved."

In My Head

In my head
Is a need
I know I will soon be dead
While lying in my grave

With worms for my limbs
They crawl all over me
Never will they leave me alone
Just tear me apart

A place for me no more there will be
Just alone in a grave
With my shattered bones
In my head

Lost in a grave
With no one
But the darkness of the night
With a blue moon

As the cold comes in
My bones are no more
Deeper I go
Into my grave

"Copyright 2015 angel plant all rights reserved."

Silent Shell

You cannot resist my persistence
My soul has died and left a shell
One day more I will be
There when you fall

No direction will there be
To your peace of mind
I hear a silent noise
In a deep dark place

Some may return
Or so it seems
To places unknown
Where spooks unite

"Copyright 2015 angel plant all rights reserved."


Searching for love
Looking for you
Finding my one true love
My future end

Wanting someone to say I love you
Needing someone to stay with me
Finding someone to stand by me
Needing more than a friend

Wanting so much to love only you
Giving you pleasure and delight
Always there for you
Just to see your smile

You bring such joy to my soul
Much happiness to me
So much tender love
What more could I want

The precious minutes with you
Are the happiest in my life
To hear your love for me
Burns me to the core

No matter what happens
You will never be alone
My sweet darling
I am yours alone

"Copyright 2015 angel plant all rights reserved."

Beautiful day