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Forever And Always

Forever and always
Together we will be
No matter how near or far
You are with me

This bond between us
Will never be broke
We were meant to be
We both knew from the start

No matter what happens
Or what we may hear
Nothing won't keep us apart
Forever and always

I will love you
As you love me
We are electric
Like flame to a fire

You're my magic
I am your damsel in distress
You are my Prince
Come save me from death

I'm yours and yours alone
No other will do
I am your rugged mountain
You are my shadow

In sickness and health
We stick together
I won't leave you
Forever and always

Near Death Experiences

Have you ever thought about near death experiences?  What it would be like?  Feel it!  Or to go through it.  Can you think about being at that point!  To the point of "no return."  Just think about it.  What it would mean.  How it would make us feel!  So exciting!  Maybe scared a little.

Some people have had these experiences.  Think of the bright light or  just a glimpse into life after death.  It is a pattern.  A noise and sense of being dead!  I can feel myself floating as I sit here and write this.  Just to think about this is interesting to me.  I can almost feel like it is happening to me.

Your body moves quickly, outside of the physical body.  It is like a peace that comes over you.  You may feel sad about having to return.  You can see your past before your eyes.

It happens most of the time because of a life threatening situation.  Could be an accident,  injuries, suicide,  etc;  Sometimes an angel will appear!  Keep us out of harm.

It feels like your falling in a de…

My Drawings and Painting


Leaving him alone
She walked away as
Doom was falling
As flowers were dancing

Beside the lake
He was like fresh air
Infusing life back into her
The touch of morning

Was shivering by the lake
In the cacophony of conformity
She lost her voice
You can hear the doom

As she could not escape
The iron grip of desire
He could hear doom calling
Of flickering candles

Whispers Of Silence

As a plane swooped down
Just like an eagle after its prey
Like an old tree falling down
Defeat was bitter indeed

As the silence was shattered
By a scream
Like a canvas untouched
By an artist

Dreams of spirits, monsters
And other things
Whispers of silence
Left to faint and cry

Like a melody in flesh and blood
Leaves in a storm was spread
Like abandoned castles
Of long ago

With many secret rooms
That is dimly lit and gloomy
In forests that are dense and foggy
Whispers of silence

A New Day

The first picture is my drawing and painting.