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Near Death Experiences

Have you ever thought about near death experiences?  What it would be like?  Feel it!  Or to go through it.  Can you think about being at that point!  To the point of "no return."  Just think about it.  What it would mean.  How it would make us feel!  So exciting!  Maybe scared a little.

Some people have had these experiences.  Think of the bright light or  just a glimpse into life after death.  It is a pattern.  A noise and sense of being dead!  I can feel myself floating as I sit here and write this.  Just to think about this is interesting to me.  I can almost feel like it is happening to me.

Your body moves quickly, outside of the physical body.  It is like a peace that comes over you.  You may feel sad about having to return.  You can see your past before your eyes.

It happens most of the time because of a life threatening situation.  Could be an accident,  injuries, suicide,  etc;  Sometimes an angel will appear!  Keep us out of harm.

It feels like your falling in a deep,  slumbering,  energy.  Sometimes you might hear a loud noise.  Some say you float.  You may wonder why the light does not hurt your eyes.  Sometimes you are under water.  You can still have a human form.  There can be different shades of light.

You may not feel fear or pain.  Just at ease.  You really feel light.  There you may see the stars and moonlight.

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