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In The Mist

In the mist of a falling rain
Still such a beautiful day
Sit a butterfly on a pretty rose
The wings spread wide
For all the world to see
Such a sight
With colors so bright
Such a delight
I felt a shiver up my spine
As I watched the butterfly
Fly away with not a care
How free, wish it was me

You Touched Me

You touched me in such a way
I shall never forget
You took me to the highest
Place I could ever go

I felt your touch
I learned to love
To be the best I could
You gave to me so much

I was bold
I let you in
I was like a butterfly
With wings spread wide

Even when I was cold
You kept me warm
I no longer cried
I just smiled

You touched my soul
With such passion
I couldn't run
I stayed and we found

Love so sweet
Warm and tender
Kisses like wine
You touched me

God Paints

God paints sunsets
For us to see
Rainbows of all colors
So beautiful to see

No one can compare
To God, he is the artist
He brushes the hillside scene
With shades of green

He showers the sky with blue
Flowers of all colors
Making the clouds white
With sun so bright

God has made wonders
When he made you
He gave you a smile
To know he is there