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On faded gray skies
Like black left to die
You left me insecure
I am now insane

Not a word did you say
Just untamed with passion
A bridge of heartache is where I went
The wind is rushing me

You are out of my reach
No island is near
Shadows bleed from me

My eyes are sunken
They do bleed
I see the moonlight
Like a page unturned


Trembling caressed by you
While the red blood runs through
Scars there are......
My body fades like ink

From blood my heart is poisoned
I am silently in love
I will call you close
As your fangs touch me

The moonlight I see
As a scream I hear
Creatures are coming
In wings and fur

As I meet a shadow
Your love turns dark
In your soul is a mystery
You are quite cruel