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Within A Heart

Within a heart
Is so much
You could almost write a book
Your heart does wonder's for you

It gives you love
So much happiness
Bring's sunshine to you
Give it to someone special

Share with other's
Show you care
Give understanding
Have joy

Your heart can melt
In a minute
It can be broken
Shattered into

It gives you pleasure
So much passion
With lot's of desire
Your heart has it all

It is your way to live
To give to other's
Have compassion
To be honest and kind.

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New World

One Time Love

One time love
You're not
When I see you
I know you're the best

When we hold hands
We share so much
Our love is timeless
Our loving time

I want to be with you
To feel alive
I never want to leave
I will surely die

You're my world
To remember forever more
Everything to me you are
More of your love I need

You're my dream
That comes true
My life I dream of you
Your love I need

I lost time
Thinking of you
Wondering where you are
How you are

What you're doing
I lost time
I could only think of you
And wonder