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You guys come on sites
The first day your here
You want to know my life history
Instead of waiting until you know me

That is a big turn off
A girl does not want to give
Personal information to someone
She just met

Your asking where she lives
If she is married or have a boyfriend
What kind of job does he have
What kind of sex you have

Stuff that is none of your business
That you shouldn't ask
Your not impressing anyone
A girl does not like this

If you want to find a girl
Who will love you
Not use you
That will stay with you

Then Stop Asking personal
Get to know her
Let her know you

Stand by her
Let her know you care
Be there for her
Let her know she can trust you

Trust is very important
Don't listen to others
Don't put others down
And talk

Don't assume anything
Ask her let her tell you
Not one of her friends
Or something you hear

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I Will Come To You

I will come to you
Hug you tight
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My lips are used as a weapon
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The darkness I spread
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As my body fades
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