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Hawaii is the place to be
Have a party
Dance on the beach
Handsome guys everywhere

Beautiful women doing the hula
All the tall glasses of drink
Cool places to see
Lovers all around

Go to the beach
Pick up shells
Be with your love
Down on the beach

Watch the sunsets at night
With the stars above
Moon all aglow
Hand in hand with your love

Music playing softly
As the girls move their hips
Swaying back and forth
To the beat of the Drums

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I Will Come To You

I will come to you
Hug you tight
Kiss you all over
Make you feel so good

My tongue will tease you
Fingers will touch you
Body will warm you
Legs will be entwined with yours

My passion is for you
Your desire drives me wild
I will come to you
On Butterfly wings


New World