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Death Kiss

Death will kiss you
As you fade into a warm embrace

You smile so sweet
You're happy again

You watch the blood
As it slowly runs

Out of your wrist
The scarlet blood flows

The peace will come
You are happy again

To you your life
Is worthless it seems

But why?
Inside you are hollow

No more care free
Waiting for one day

It seems like it all went away
The day you met me

Until me you was care free
You had happiness

I caused you to do things
You never wanted to

You wanted to get away
But I would not set you free

As soon as you saw me
The pain came on

You saw my face
Before it all turned black

You left your body
For the angels to carry home

It slowly faded away
While I watched in tears

As you laid on the ground
My heart was calling to you

I loved you so
How could this happen?

I did not prove my love to you
Now your gone

Hear my whisper
Hear my call

I loved you
Only you

Come back love
Take me with you

Give me
The kiss of death

So I can go on
With you

This is the last time
I can kiss your lips

Feel my body
Take me with you

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