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Im Still Here

I'm still here in the shadows
Waiting for you
Just beyond the edge of Heaven
I'm waiting for the bells

Sigh of God
Yes, I'm still here
Why can't you see me?
You don't need Hallucination to have grace
You will always see me smiling

It is your face I want to see
Yes I'm still here
You won't need sorrow to serenade
Just think of happy days

Yes, I'm still here
I'm not a fallen angel
I'm your angel
I will not say farewell

I don't need to rise
From dark hell
Or wait for the

I have your light
To guide me
Your sweet
Smiling face

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I Will Come To You

I will come to you
Hug you tight
Kiss you all over
Make you feel so good

My tongue will tease you
Fingers will touch you
Body will warm you
Legs will be entwined with yours

My passion is for you
Your desire drives me wild
I will come to you
On Butterfly wings

Run Through My Head

As you run through my head
My lips are used as a weapon
A shiver runs down my spine
You are wicked I see

Coming on I feel something huge
Smile at me you will
Silently I lay there
By an impact of you

As you caress me
In the water I sink
Poisoned by blood
With the game you are playing

My gun is lifted
As I walk away
The darkness I spread
What can I say?

There are many scars
As my body fades
My blood runs through
My grave