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Looks For Her

As he looks to see
In a far away place
He can see her
In the light

He know's she is there
The scent he can smell
She is in his heart
Right where she belongs

He tell's her please don't go
Never leave me alone
I will miss you
Wish upon a star

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Run Through My Head

As you run through my head
My lips are used as a weapon
A shiver runs down my spine
You are wicked I see

Coming on I feel something huge
Smile at me you will
Silently I lay there
By an impact of you

As you caress me
In the water I sink
Poisoned by blood
With the game you are playing

My gun is lifted
As I walk away
The darkness I spread
What can I say?

There are many scars
As my body fades
My blood runs through
My grave