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Velvet Sky

I wake to see a velvet sky
With stars all around
Like glitter from above
The air is crisp

I want to dance with you
Sway to the music
Move closer to you
Feel your heartbeat

A shadow passes over you
As you watch me smile
From the cormer of your eye
It tells me you love me

My velvet sky is beautiful
It promises to be
Another wonderful day
With you beside me

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Beautiful day

Surface Of Reality

Behind the surface of reality
Are the hands of fantasy
With illusions of time
That is stimulating my brain

As time does past...........
You are in my memories
Engraved in my heart
There you will stay

You may grasp my touch
With a clasp I do hold
Yet you're so far away
But really are you?

I feel your cool exterior
With admiration you hide
Everyday I think of you
You are in disarray

As I hear your whisper
It makes me wonder
If you can answer with a smile
To all these things

Goddess Of Love

Goddess of love and beauty
The love of divine
Of the enchanting black rose
Beautiful like sunshine

Smiles like an angel
With a butterfly touch
That mystifies my dreams
I love so much

I will return..........
To a liquid light
No more to suffer
Of a ghostly night

In shadows I am concealed
With haunting secrets not told
My eyes do fill with despair
You must know how I feel